The best way to get noticed!  We use 3M and Avery Wrap films, which are the top two manufacturers in the industry. With years of design and application experience, we can wrap virtually anything you can dream up from cars, trucks, tractor trailers, vans, boats, etc!

Let On Point Wraps & Graphics help you make a lasting impression on your customers! Do you have a truck or car that needs to be seen? Then let's get started! If you're on the road each day meeting with clients or handling business out of the office, vehicle wraps will boost the professional appearance of your vehicle while providing advertisement for future clients at the same time.

Full Color Wraps

This vinyl is specially designed for use on vehicles. Using paint-safe adhesive, malleability, and air-release features make installation on your car as safe as possible. Unlike a repaint job, which will ruin the original value of your vehicle, a vinyl wrap will actually protect it! With the Vehicle being covered in the wrap material, it will be protecting your car against normal road debris. And unlike painting your vehicle, if you want it to be the original color again, we can remove the vinyl and your vehicle will be returned to the same condition as before it was wrapped.

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